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  • Your blogs are my words & broken thoughts to the letter. Thankyou for not only sharing your experience but enabling me to explain to others just how my broken jigsaw of a brain works. I have had cognitive testing and the damaged part of my brain is the “working out & numeracy” as well as Short Term Memory Loss. Keep up the good work honey xx

  • Hi Brooke,

    I’m very good friends with your cousin Lauren and am aware of the long road to recovery that you’ve been on. You’ve come on leaps and bounds since the accident and you should be very proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Well done 🙂

    I was wondering if you could get in touch with me to chat about you maybe coming over to York to do a talk?

    If my email isn’t showing up you can get in touch with me via Lauren.

    Speak to you soon hopefully.


  • Hi Brooke,
    You write really well and provide really good explanations about life with a brain injury. It is so poorly understood by so many people. As the wife of someone with a brain injury (and a qualified social worker) I often think I get it then suddenly realise I don’t understand half as much as I thought I did. I find it especially hard to explain to other people. Your writing really helps me understand what’s going on. I hope you don’t mind if I quote you often!!

    • Thanks Heather, I’m sorry I didn’t reply before I’m still getting used to the website! Hope Ste and Fraser are ok!
      I will visit next time I’m in scarborough and I’m free. Are you still on Westwood? X

  • Hi Brooke – well done you!!! My son has had several brain surgeries and struggles with some of the issues you face – unfortunately he is also often misunderstood and thinks very literally like you mentioned and people because their thought process is very different don’t get him, stay strong and good luck and hugs xx

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